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Voting over the air pollution


The unseen diesel particles, the EU instruction to clean up our act cannot be filtered out.


We are all affected and breathing in carcinogenic compounds, whether whilst sitting in cars, walking on the street or playing in a playground.

It's a 24/7 emergency and requires a 24/7 response.

So far the government's response is driverless cars.

Very helpful!


2040 is over 20 years away, and thankfully this government will be out of power but maybe that's the problem


. The can can be kicked down the road whilst the Tories tend to their pet projects.

The long term impact of respiratory disease doesn't come home to bite in one term in government. Incentives that can be done quickly such as diesel scrappage schemes, taxes on polluting vehicles, clean air zones in towns and cities, regulated buses and electric school buses aren't legislated on.


So the question to add to the many others accumulating under this lot is 'do you trust this government to have your children's and grandchildens health and safety at heart?'

If no emergent actions are forthcoming, which there aren't, then the answer has got to be a resounding no.

Therefore, how will you vote in 2020?

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