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Published by jack elliot


I love being out in the wind and rain.


I've climbed Mountains in some ferocious squalls

and never felt more alive.

Good boots, long johns, an old coat and a wooly hat -

and I'm laughing.


In winter

I also try to go absolutely as long as possible

without employing any active heat source in the house.

A good pile of blankets sorts you out in most cases -

as long as the house is dry anyway...

There is nothing more bracing than being outside in crazy, wild weather.



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Good Afternoon Jack, <br /> As much as you love the cold....I love the heat. As long as I am by the ocean. And when it hit's over 100 degrees....the ocean is a treat. Always a breeze through your hair and the sun shinning down. Good thing we live where we do...<br /> Trish
a wee bit cold here<br /> <br /> frost in the morning<br /> <br /> with the promise of snow