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What is the good life?

Entire books have been written to address this question.

Philosophers of all ages pondered about this transcendent query as well. Still, the question remains to this present day. It therefore comes as no surprise that people are still looking to discover what it truly means to be living the good life. Finding an answer to this question is not easy, even in the modern age of information. The term “living the good life” can mean quite a variety of different things to different people. The following will present from a variety of different perspectives what the good life is all about. In its basic form, living the good life is all about the exploration of that which gives you joy and satisfaction. It’s about finding purpose and meaning in your life and drawing happiness from that which you do.


Every human being aspires to live a good life.

The problem is, we all define the phrase “good life” differently.

Some are looking to live an honest life, full of integrity, joy and happiness.

Others seek wealth, social status and fame, as they hope these aspects will help them to live the good life. In fact, they directly associate the good life with money and material belongings.


In people’s quest for a good life, some completely disregard the needs of other people, while others consider helping people a means of living a good life.

In the end, the question who gets to decide what it is that constitutes a good life remains.

Not every person that is living “the dream”

or “the good life” is actually living a good life.

Take for instance the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

He surely lived well.

After all, Escobar is recorded to have been the wealthiest criminal in history.

He had private jets, race cars and luxurious mansions. And I’m pretty sure he certainly draw happiness and satisfaction from his life.

But was his life a good life?

Certainly not.

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