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Published by jack elliot

Wealth is not evil.




What we need to do is think of the environment as well. Eat less meat, if at all.


Because of earning money I left my country. like millions of others for a 'better' (meaning life with plenty of money) and enjoy reading about the 'evil' wealth. I used to send money back home 

People say there are too many cars on the road.

But if we stop buying cars 30% of people will be out of a job. Ideally, we should carry on buying cars but not use them that often.

That will help.

On the other hand,

I see people with millions and still doing corrupt practices to have more.

Human nature, it appears is bad.

Only very young think differently, but wait until they have families and jobs and see how they join the rat race.



If we'd focus less on wealth for wealth's sake - and spread income - we'd also have the chance to work less.

We are overproducing for our needs.

Happiness is not in owning ever more - that is really well evidenced.


The bizarre aspect of how we do economics is that we have more than abundance, and that we create jobs for jobs sake.

We don't need more stuff to find a sense and wellbeing in our lives.

We could "do less", still lead content lives, and have far less harmful effects on our environment if we wanted to.

That's what all the increases in productivity, in efficiency and in automation actually _could_ allow us to aim for.


The impact of meat production has been grossly exaggerated, yet still the lies about it being the "single biggest contributer..." are trotted out.


Latest figures are that total agriculture

is about 10% of carbon emissions with cattle

being half of that,

so 5%.

Transport and Energy production

are *far* higher than that.

Around 30% each. Fossil fuel burning is the main problem, always has been and the rest is just a distraction from this.

We have *less* cattle now in the UK than we did 100 years ago, thanks to improved production and, oh yes, we eat less red meat. Yet the number of motor cars has increased by 1,000's of percents. As has central heating, airline use etc.

Emissions are only estimates and subject to the usual biases of those fiunding the studies,

we really don't know exact number.

Recently I read that watching screens is responsible for 1% of carbon emissions, thanks to the billions of hours we spend on Netflix, TV and video games.

Why, unlike with veganism, is their no rabid pseudo-religious campaign to make us give those up?

I think the "giving up meat" thing is popular simply because people would rather give that up than their 4x4 gas guzzlers, central heating, giant TVscreens, streets lit up 24/7, cheap travel and an endless supply of cheap consumer junk made in dirty great factories.

Because it is our industrial driven consumerism that is the root cause of our environmental problems.

And that is too difficult to fix, so we will fix the non problems.



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