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Published by jack elliot



My last bike was both cheapo and scandalously maintained (by me). I have a weekly work journey that ends

in a steep little road that goes into the main road.

It's Stornoway not Manchester so the main road is not massive, but still pretty busy.

One day I did the usual, whizzed down the hill, braking hard from about half way to stop just before the main road.

The  place is just a few doors down so I went and did succesfully.

2 hours later I got on my bike and set off again and the handlebar stem snapped.

It had rusted through and the handlebars,

brakes and all just came away.

Fortunately I had hardly started moving.

But it was hard not to think about how fortunate I was that it didnt happen as I was hurtling down that hill (and to wonder why, as surely the pressure I was exerting would have been much greater?)


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Good Morning,<br /> Blessed be your day. Just as it was when this happened! The lord was not ready for you yet.<br /> Trish