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Published by jack elliot


Hello Jack Elliot.

Not a nice day at all in Germany! Today an Eritrean Merkel-Asylumseeker pushed a Mother and her 8 year old son in front of an arriving express-train in Frankfurt main train station.

The boy died at once, his mother survived.

The Eritrean did not know his victim - he just did it!

RT reported a turmoil taking place as a reaction by angry people.

On the 22th of July a 34 year old mother was pushed in front of an arriving train

in the german town Voerde by a migrant.

German media as usually is lying to us and speaks of "a man" as the suspect,

holding back the information that a non-German was the killer.

Main stream media in Germany are not worth a dime. (excuse my language, but I am really furious)

If you want you can redistribute this information.



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