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Published by jack elliot

A contention that oligarchic power is rooted in the ownership and control of land has been amply vindicated by the response of oligarchic power ...

This all started in Tudor times, when good public land was taken by the rich and powerful, leaving only poor-quality patches (called 'commons') for the hoi polloi. The process is called 'enclosure'.

Enclosure continues to this day, but no longer with land. Nowadays it's called 'privatisation'. Public property is taken and distributed to the wealthy. A token sop may be given to the ordinary people. But, at root, it is theft.

The most egregious example in recent years has been the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

These processes have had a profound impact on British society. They are at the root of the class system, today's massive inequalities, poverty and deprivation.

And these processes are one of the factors that has led to Brexit. The government and oligarchs have very cleverly blamed the EU for all of these.

And the generally poorly-educated public, distracted by TV, celebs, gambling, etc. (Read Aldous Huxley or George Orwell) have believed them.



Land clearances in previous centuries drove people into starvation or migration by the thousand .... the enclosures, the fencing in of the commons ... all driven by the same motivating factor as neoliberalism (which in my universe is just another polite word for theft of jointly owned assets for the generation of private profit) and that motivating impetus is greed. Greed, private and corporate is right now destroying our country, our communities, our cities, our government local and central, our quality of life and our happiness. It is not the EU that doesn't care about poor and disenfranchised minorities, it is the greedy owners of more than a fair share of the worlds wealth and the government that continues to obstruct reform of our corrupt and feral offshore banking system. Brexit too is a land and asset grab engineered by our enemies in russia and the usa. Without Europe our so called sovereignty will be worth little as we are picked clean by multinational companies our government is shamefully working in the interests of rather than our people.
Dark times are upon us, but don't worry because Jacob Rees Mogg and his ilk bank offshore where all the money we don't have to support our health and education services and our youth clubs has been spirited away to. .....

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