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Published by jack elliot

Indoor plants are fun, and there’s always more to learn and experiment with.
For example some plants are CAM plants, which means they produce oxygen at night.

Most of these plants are succulents or epiphytes, and the CAM mechanism is one which allows them to conserve water by opening their pores at night when it is cooler.

They include bromeliads, including air plants, many orchids, aloe Vera etc.

So for rooms that you tend to be in at night:

include a few CAM plants.

They might help to make your room less stuffy,

but will certainly be a reminder that the world of plants is diverse and amazing.

There definitely is a primal urge attached to gardening.


It probably is more sensible to wear gardening gloves,


but I still relish the feel of soil running through my fingers.



When it comes to indoor plants,

succulents and cacti rate high with me.

They are near indestructible and come in all shapes and colours.



For those who are now living in an apartment,


there is still an opportunity to grow

your own herbs and salad greens.



I am slowly replacing some of my heavier pots

for ones I can move more easily when strong winds

or record high temperatures devastate plants.



Whenever hot winds are blowin

g and temperatures are 40 degrees Celsius and above,


I can rescue favourites by bringing the pots indoors.

I suspect these days will be repeated again and again in future.


Nothing tempts the taste buds

more than freshly cut herbs from the kitchen garden.



Most vegetable greens are easy to grow, and the sheer convenience of harvesting what I need immediately prior to preparing meals has an added bonus.

I no longer buy a bunch of silver beet, only to discover it wilting in the fridge days later.


Also, when visiting friends or family,

being able to present a small bunch of home-grown herbs

or greens is sure to be appreciated by the recipients.

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