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Published by jack elliot


There is never going to happen about

all this plastic poisoning the earth 

until proper incentives are in place.


Plastic bottles?


Start by monetising them.

A £1 deposit makes throwing them away a nice pocket money experience for some one else.

Make a seller responsible for recycling them.

Any seller.

Return your bottles anywhere that sells them.

Bottle not completely recyclable?

Tax the bottle.

The manufacturer pays 50p per bottle they sell wholesale (watch how quickly they change)


Coffee cups.

Any seller using non-recyclable cups

are taxed 50p per cup.

A 50p deposit makes them collectable rather than refuse.

The seller is responsible for recycling the cups.


It is easy to extend this.

Black plastic trays...tax them.

You sell stuff in black plastic trays you pay £1 tax per tray.

Other plastic trays taxed to encourage alternative

or more easily recycled packaging.

Tax various other packaging.

Taxing at the source of the problem

(they can’t skip this tax and it must be paid)

This forces rapid change.


This should be our main focus as a species,

along with industrial

and household chemical pollution. 

Plastics are a much bigger problem

and one that we are solely responsible for.


 We can deal with rising sea levels,

we can't deal with an ocean full of plastic

and the collapse of the insect population.

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