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Published by jack elliot

Is this recycling sustainable thought through?


Or is it just encouraging a different kind of consumer

Sweden infinitely better than the UK of course, but that shouldn't really be a barometer.

What is it working towards and what are the next steps? To me, this type of recycling will only permanently solve an issue by being right in your face in the centre of town. That way, people are permanently engaged with it and really affected by its operation and incentivised to keep waste to a minimum. But then recycling really doesn't solve the issue of waste or plastic use either. The focus still has to be on the producer rather than the end user. At some point in the chain, these plastics will degrade to a single use plastic which will then have to be burned or landfilled (or exported in the UK's case). The article doesn't really address the issue of packaging and so on. Also, what about the crap that nobody wants beyond its useful life as a plastic object? Does it just lie in the recycling shop's storage? Anyway, it's good that people are considering all possibilities and it's a fantastic effort.

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