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Published by jack elliot


This was taken  whilst waiting for the bus.


The bus now leaves earlier from Coulport


So this is the second time waiting for a bus


Coulport is not so far away and often walk


Or even cycle to Coulport as the views shine


Lovely it is to look at this majestic tree and wonder


Trees are wonderful they bound firm the soil


Trees are such life givers and sustain our life


Grand to wait and admire the tree at crossroads


The Crossroads of the Loch's and river's to the sea


And out to the Ocean so much water seen by a tree





The adjacent  small tree is by the cenotaph



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I'd like to fish this lake.
<br /> <br /> <br /> .<br /> <br /> there are times of the year with shoals of them<br /> <br /> just cast out your line and reel them in<br /> <br /> <br /> .