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Humans, like cats, are very much products of our genetics, as well as culture. A cat wishes to kill mice, a rabbit does not - genetic obviously. Us humans do have cultural drives on the surface of anything we do, but underlying are genes, and we are hunter-gatherers turned agriculturalist and artificers, the later also so linked to our survival they are genetic as well, from when we went from animal to human. It is us, these drives, but the scope is where the cultural really shifts in, the degree.

We are all hunter/fisher  for much of our lives. One of the main reasons we can all be exceptionally skilled in  hunting, and fishing, the ability to go into nature and find a creature is skills and observations of a high degree, if one is good at it. You must see the spoor, the vegetation, hydrology, aspect, times, moons, the feeds and the shelter, the hours of movement, the indicator species. Also one must sit motionless and utterly silent, merely observing - one must be able to overcome the utter dullness of sitting without motion of any kind, for hours - just listening, watching, ignoring stiffness and biting bugs.... and all nature then appears and you become invisible.

 bush hunting/gathering are essential skills

, the hunter gatherer, the wanderer, they dominated all our  lives.

These natural drives are us, the religion gives us a perspective to think on what we do and observe, but is not the driver of the nature feelings, merely a way of filtering, or viewing, the thoughts we get from our observations and actions.

"deeper than any hierarchical vision of living things serving 'man'." When the Old Testament, several Millennium ago, said the beasts and earth were there to serve man's needs it is something man always felt as far back as we can infer by art and remains were left. The bible also said we were to tend them, the land and nature, and that also goes back as far as man does...

I always wonder about the 'Whyness' of existence. I would love to start listing great quotes on this question but am TLDR already. But always in my head as I spend my several hours a day gardening, fishing, mending things, I wonder on existence. Nature is unbearably cruel and I have seem so much suffering that sometimes I just despair - 'Weltschmerts', the weariness of life from seeing too much misery, I have to fight this feeling often. Nature is as cold as an ice meteor in space, horribly cruel, yet grand and wonderful - unreconcilable.

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