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Beavers in Scotland will soon become a protected animal 



The return of beavers to Scotland’s

lochs and rivers

offers widespread ecological benefits.

Beavers are well-known

for their engineering prowess,

creating wetland havens that provide homes

for many other species including fish,

insects and waterbirds,

while also helping humans

by reducing the risk of floods down river.

They are also providing a boost to

Scotland’s rural economy

by increasing wildlife tourism.


 The Scottish Government has finally

given the green light to granting beavers

European Protected Status. Legal protection, 


A Legal protection accompanied by a proper framework for management is critical to ensuring that beavers can be protected and live alongside people long into the future.”



Scottish  legislation giving beavers legal protection will come into force later this year.

This granting of European Protected Status

is a vital step in welcoming

beavers back to Scotland

as a natural part of our ecosystem.

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