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Published by jack elliot


The problem is that the business community, filled with sharks, conmen, and criminals, have usurped control of our society for their own benefit.

Sure there are honest businesspeople, but stop and consider: how many laws exist because businesspeople cut corners and endangered lives, put out a deadly product, used a toxic process that contaminated the land, sold non-existent products, ripped off their workers, sold substandard products, sold contaminated food?

In every other instance these same people have bought laws against practices that harmed far fewer, or no one, simply because those practices annoyed them. They take minuscule problems and blow them out of proportion, creating new "business opportunities" for themselves by endangering the jobs and lives of the targeted groups or simple preventing others from enjoying themselves. Laws against skateboarding, ebike deliveries, pot, being homeless, helping the homeless, and abortion spring to mind.

Society needs reordered, and business, and businesspeople rleegated to their proper place and function.

We need to stop them from wrecking the planet and our lives in pursuit of ever-greater wealth.

Reduce the fulltime workweek to 28-30 hours, and at that number of hours pay a living wage.

Draw down the the excessive wealth of the billionaires by making them pay living wages at a reduced work week, Bezos and his like will never feel any difference in lives if their wealth piles were half as big and grew at half the rate, save in their egos.

And please don't challenge me to go run my own business to discover the difficulties regulations and laws against criminal business behavior make for "honest, hardworking businesspeople". Thanks, but been there, done that and have had to deal with shady suppliers, unethical competitors, and downright crooks in the business world. The business world is riddled with nasty, unethical people with swollen egos who think themselves better than the workers they exploit.

Finding an actual honest and ethical businessperson is remarkable in its rarity.

These are people who are nice to their families and friends, but think they have an absolute right to run their workers' lives, dictating what they can do on their own time, demanding access to them at all hours, demanding that workers place the owner's financial well-being above their own physical, financial, and mental well-being, all while refusing to share the profits the workers generate.

If as a busniessperson you think you can't run a business without not paying fair wages, or pay taxes, or abide by regulations, then I say you should just give it up and get a job, because obviously you haven't got what it takes to run a business in an ethical manner without exploiting someone or something.

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