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Published by jack elliot


 Homemade cooking does it for me, especially when I’m around my family or friends.


The kitchen is nice and warm

and the smell of food being made

and my mind being engaged

does a lot to lift my mood and keep me safe.


The added benefit of good food made with my own hands is a bonus.

I take in hotpots to work now with plenty of vegetables cooked in nice sauces.


That really gives me a boost.

I also have a stand up desk at home 

and take lots of random walks.


We live like slaves in general.


Slaves to work; slaves to consumption.


And yes we’re over saturated with information,

which like a poor diet is really bad for our wellbeing.


We’re going through a massive social experiment

and Information Age.

Now we need to get back to the land

and start forming community spaces.


We’ve become a victim of our own success and as a result have managed to trash an entire planet in less than a 100 years.


We need to put our foot on the brake

and change the whole work ethic.

Otherwise we’ve managed to effectively create a prison for ourselves.


Life as it stands appears a worthless pursuit.


 the children’s movement for dramatic change

will pave the way for a better future.

It can’t all be about ‘me’ it must be about ‘us’.

We have to get back to basics and reset the clock.

Science is all well and good,

but not when it leads to mass consumption

at the loss of our habitat.


Which path do we want to now go down?


The Book of Life, or The Book of Knowledge?


We had chosen the latter

and it looks to have been the wrong choice.

We now need to ask ourselves some hard questions. What is it to live life and how do we want to live it and in what world do we want to have our children grow up in?

: ‘what is the point in studying if there will be no world left in which it matters’.

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