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Published by jack elliot

We often find ourselves in a state of what we can refer to as Free-Flowing Consciousness. Which basically means that we stop controlling the mind and its stream of thought patterns and more or less take part in the journey it takes. Having such experiences is very liberating and usually the outcome is an expansion of the mind and thereby an expansion of the consciousness. But is it Daydreaming or consciously getting rid of the boxes we seem to be trapped in?

People who are engaged in creativity know the benefits of it since it will often boost creativity and unbox it. Yet there are several forms and expressions of creativity. One form we often just label as ‘creativity’ and on the other end of that scale we have the: Creative Consciousness. Artists who have the creative consciousness rarely do the same thing twice, but seem to push the boundaries of their own creativity seeking new learning, new experiences and new forms of expression.

Free flowing consciousness is not in limited to people who work creatively, but maybe more so now, we need to pull on our own creativity as goes for living our lives, some in distance from the Matrix some inside the Matrix.

There’s a box of conditioning which has formed our way of thinking or contemplating, which is a term I prefer to thinking, since contemplating is the ability to see things from different perspective, where thinking more is an intellectual process and so much more programmed.

It’s very easy to blame it all on conditioning, but we also condition ourselves to stay in the patterns or even get stuck in them, because we are under the impression that our mind does its best if we control it. Sometimes that is a valid statement and a very productive one. Thinking about a problem by focusing on it, and thereby being able to understand or ‘crack the nut’ so we find the right solution to a given paradox and we can act intelligently on it. Problem-solving. Good.

But there’s an underlying current and many do not realize that they themselves, keep their own mind under lock and key. Not letting it flow, not expanding it and not enjoying the freedom of the mind. Often the reason is fear based or the reason is simply that we are not aware of this self-hostage situation and we see our mind as free where in reality it is entrapped.

Often, we see the mind go where it will under the influence of drugs. It can be hard drugs or soft drugs such as weed – and the mind opens up. If people’s minds, under the influence of whatever, go on what we label as a pleasant ‘trip’ we come out smiling. If it goes into a unpleasant trip, we come out fear struck.

I have often spoken of this. Drugs can be a help in seeing what the mind is really capable of. Drugs provide the vision, but not a lasting effect that can practically be woven into 3D life.

I once read: “Do not fear anything outside yourself. What you should fear is your own mind – since it knows what you’re afraid of.”

In all of its spookiness that is true. In all of its conditioning and fear such a statement will prevent most people from ever allowing their mind to go into a flowing chain of association: Free Flowing Consciousness.

If we fear ourselves that much, we will often see ourselves in constant inner gridlock just to keep the mind from going where it needs to go, to release the debris floating around in the subconscious and in the nervous system. This, in some metaphysical way, could answer many people’s control issues and need for tribal consciousness: the need to follow ‘strong leaders’ whether it be inside religion, politics and what have we.

If a person in great spiritual power has trouble in this area, know him by his do’s and don’ts. Know him by his enemies or the people he claims are sinners. In politics – know it by control. The micromanaging of the population has become very obvious and politicians have their greasy little hands in almost every aspect of ordinary life. It is none of their business what we eat, drink, hate and love. And yet they want to control it. How they do it and which channels they use should be obvious.

My point being that if we allow our minds to flow freely, there should be no need for controlling others and we will go from denying to allowing. It doesn’t mean that suddenly anything goes and we can’t see the contradictions surrounding us, whether mundane or spiritual, and point to them. I often see pointing out contradictions as an obligation we have, and I believe that most people in the alternative media are doing that and it is a very good thing.

The awakening journey has to start somewhere, and it starts inside the mind. The mind has to alter so that we can see what we did not see before when our mind was trapped in mainstream thinking or perception, again whether it be spiritual or mundane. The enlightened mind or the mind on the road to enlightenment will know that the mundane and the spiritual got separated somewhere along the road and we tend to see it as two separate things. It is not. The mundane and the spiritual have to merge again into: Wholeness.

This world, as I wrote yesterday, has stopped making spiritual sense. That conclusion explains why we have a hard time feeling that our lives makes sense, since we cannot merge it into an understanding of this world. Sometimes it’s just really: Where the hell is the God force in this? Hey Celestial, you mean this really?

One note that does make sense: The Celestial doesn’t govern the world, but lets the world go where it needs to go and right now it seems like we´re heading for utter destruction.

We can tell ourselves in a healing way: Yes, the world is heading for self-destruction, led by dark forces, so apparently, we are caught in that. And this is where we try to look for a reason for it. Many are right now struggling with the reason that they actually are here, present in these times of great turmoil.

Freeing our own minds will provide some clues. In order to find those clues, we have to dive into the big blue of our own consciousness and let the mind provide the answers that were hidden for us inside our own shadows.

The technique is very simple and I like simple since when things get complicated it is often because we really do not understand, and in order to hide that fact from ourselves we label it as complicated. Another defense mechanism of the entrapped mind.

Simple – No thank you, it can’t be.
Complicated – Yes, I know that, so I will plug into that and never get through the maze of intellectual ponderings and I will not suffer the fear of going outside my intellectual comfort zone.

Well, life is not intellectual – it’s a feel. We can’t think a feel – we can experience it and then contemplate on it.

If we look at our most beloved, children, romantic partner, we really can’t think the love we have for them. We can feel it. We can’t think the scent of Orange flowers blossoming – we can feel it. We can’t think an orgasm – we can experience it, and ponder upon it after its transcendence. And we can’t think a transcendence, we can experience it and thereby feel it.

Freeing the mind and letting it go where it needs to go is not thinking. It is ‘feeling’ the mind and where it wants to go and analyzing after the experience, not while it takes place.

We all have a sniper in the mind. The sniper will shoot down any chain of associations if they tend to voyage outside our comfort zone. That sniper is nothing else than: Self Policing. As said earlier: this is the exposure of fear, and the fear we individually have is so clever that it hides inside its own shadow. This process will light it up. So, the fear is real and it might take some time to penetrate it and see it, feel it and release it. The promise is that when it’s gone it cannot stay and it has to dissolve. The amount of psychological energy released will fill out the void it leaves behind.

People often think it’s such an easy walk – going from being fear based, in general or on certain issues, to being brave and confident. Well, I do not agree. It takes time, it is very individual, and we can only stand so much. So, one step at a time.

We have these inner custodians that either will warn us of diving too deep or they will try to prevent us by using this Matrix earlier mentioned: Do not fear anything outside yourself, what you should fear is your own mind – since it knows what you’re afraid of.

The liberation of the mind is not for the faint hearted. So, you will have to call out your inner warrior and often fight your way through.

How to do this:

I would recommend a specific time to do this, either in the bed before sleeping or at some hour of the day where you know you will not be disturbed. It’s a form of mediation and yet it is not, it’s contemplating. But you have to be very disciplined about it and decide: this I will do for a week and then I will see where it has taken me. It requires discipline because the ego will try to prevent you from doing it by telling you that you are no good at it, it makes no sense and you are not getting anywhere at all. It’s all lies, since the ego knows this is an ego takedown and it has to shrink to make room for your authentic self.

We know about Daydreaming – that is very healthy – but it is not conscious, based on a conscious decision.
We often go: Oops…
This is ‘Conscious Daydreaming` – we observe the mind. Very close to Lucid Dreaming.

Step 1: Start in the positive.

Think: and this is the only time in this exercise where thinking will help you – since you have to consciously send the mind in a specific targeted direction, about the most positive episodes in your life.

Go to when you hit the mark career wise, fell in love, won the lottery, had a child… just go back to the feel on the back of a thought and let go. Let the mind find it and be just the observer. Don’t judge, don’t label just float in the feel of happy.

Starting in the positive is very important, since the mind often likes to go there, finds it pleasant and you feel safe. The feel of safety will protect you so you can enhance the technique of letting go of intellectual analyses and just surrender to the mind/feel. Intellectual analyses are needed, but only after the experience in order to understand what impact this had on your life.

We are body, mind, spirit, and many of us haven’t left the intellectual yet but we know that we have to. When the intellect has served its course, we move on to a more wordless intuitive understanding, where things gets harder and harder to explain to someone who is ‘outside’ whatever topic we´re dealing with, because we find it exhausting to explain ourselves. That is not me saying that we do not find other people and their questions or challenges stupid or un-awake as many are prone to, but simply: OH, damn I need to think.

If you have ever had that impulse of: Damn I need to think, in a world based on intellectual arrogance, you are well on your way warrior.

That is why the enlightened throughout history, often speak in pictures or metaphors. To guard the contemplation and not re-stimulate the intellectual.

When this is flowing for you, proceed to step 2:

This is where we need to take down the sniper in the brain. The fear. Bypass the custodians and insist, while maybe being pretty anxious.

The past is a good place to start, since it holds either the solid fear we each have/had from our trail of time, or it can be the very popular control system hype of pumping out manufactured collective fear of this and that in order to keep us fearful, since people with fear don’t pose that big of a problem. They are controllable.

Think your mind into contemplating what you fear the most, examine it, see it, feel it and thereby realize it.

Many people fear the parting of their loved ones, which can give a multitude of problems in unhealthy attachments, and fear if a loved one drives home from work. Will he come home or will something terrible happen?

See it through and expand the contemplating into his funeral if that is where your mind needs to go. Live it through in the fantasy layer of the consciousness and do not fear that the law of attraction will kick in and kill your beloved. It won’t. You are not calling on it to happen, you are preventing it, since we often attract the things, we fear the most. Get it out of the system. It will require many tries because our intellect/fear will present itself and prevent the process. Don’t see that as a bad thing, see it as a mechanism that won’t send you into too much fear all of a sudden. Be gentle with yourself; this is not a competition.

Living in fear of some kind of Imposter Syndrome. Same thing. Live it through and through until the fear is gone. Contemplate it from as many angles as you can. The direction your mind takes is the direction needed and it may reveal many hidden layers to that fear. The cool thing about the Imposter Syndrome, is that if you think you have it – you don´t.
We all have insecurities and the Tao of comparison is true: ‘When we start to compare ourselves to others – our misfortune start. ´ So try to eliminate that bug.

Fear of your sexuality? Live it through. As long as it is legal it’s probably interesting and distorted by religion or your upbringing or experiences with past lovers.

Fear of running out of money. Realize it and you will find a creative way out of it. Either go homeless, imagine that, or start a business or become self-sufficient. The point is: as long as the fear is there it will, in all of the above, put you in survival mode and survival mode has two reactions: Fight or Flight.

Fear of leaving old belief patterns?

Sometimes it can be a good strategy to fight and sometimes a good strategy is to run for your life. It’s good strategy because these are conscious choices and not fear driven. They are based on reason.

Fight or flight that’s fear driven is not based on reason – it’s based on a fear we didn’t know we had, since it was subconscious.

So, the general idea is to get these fears, and we have many, out of the shadows in which they are hiding. Exposed to light, shadows don’t thrive well.

We often do this on an intellectual level when we ask ourselves: What’s the worst thing that can happen? It is a way of calming ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. Problem is, we still control our thoughts

This is basically letting the mind go where it doesn’t want to go. That is where it needs to go, in order to release its self-healing potential and expand the consciousness. It’s similar to walking with a broken leg and not taking care of it; we won’t cover that much distance. Once the leg is taken care of the walk won’t hurt us, it will do us good.

Time to go a bit deeper, let the mind go where it needs, no matter how pretty or how ugly. Being the observer provides safety; the trick is to not identify with it.

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