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Published by jack elliot

Opiods has a Pain control  over usage



There are several problems including that with long term use the patient needs higher and higher doses of opiates and opioids for the same benefits. at some point they no longer get any benefit with any dose but their body/brain soon tells them if they miss a dose.

There is also the theory that opiates and opioids acually prevent the brain from learning to ignore a pain - so you start with a real acute pain which if you took no medication would disregarded by the brain as no longer an important threat, but due to the medication is perpetuated. Opiates and opiods can also cause hyperalgesia - increased sensitivity to pain.


Opiates work for some kinds of pain, not others.

They are well known to be not very helpful

for chronic pain.

There are other types of pain relief,

like cannabis and low dose naltrexone.

Our governments have allowed big pharma

to make the decisions

about what we can be offered.




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