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Published by jack elliot

this was on Duolingo today from 



A concerning complaint which Duolingo would like to go away


and yet each day there comes many concerns

Which should be taken serious

"I joined Duolingo from my iphone on January 13th, just 11 days ago and I am utterly sick to death of being penalised for so-called 'binge learning' What an utterly stupid and small-minded way to punish someone and, of course, squeeze more $$$ out of them for wanting to learn a language and for practicing a lot. I am a natural with languages, always have been. My memory and retention of information for whatever reason is just v.v. good, so naturally, for me language learning is relaxing, breezy and above all fun--like playing a favourite PlayStation game. And like a computer game, I want to and can quite easily get lost for HOURS learning Hiragana or Italian, and was attempting to do so--and retaining virtually all the information I'd learned (which shafts your 'binge' theory right up the jacksie Duolosers), only to find that you lock users out of the system as a result. WTF? If this is your longterm business strategy--penalising your keenest users--you're going to go tts-up VERY fast, Duolingo, and I will not be sorry to see the back of a company that clearly gives zero f***s about its users. If your app was as free and easy as its branding claims it is, I would have subscribed in a heartbeat. As it is, I would actually rather pay for individual apps than continue using your clearly cock-eyed system. Get it sorted or just get stuffed. Deficienti."

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