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Published by jack elliot


Whisky in Glasgow



A place to buy whisky must after all be in Glasgow.


If  for knowledge and appreciation then this must be  a great place to buy whisky.

There could be a chance to buy some  Macallan  whisky

and it is lovely to learn just a little of its history

for this whisky once upon a time

came from a  local barley farmer

and  a school teacher called Alexander Reid,

 that started the Macallan  distillery in 1824,

that almost two centuries

later the brand of whisky

still made on that site

that would be celebrated

as one of the world’s greatest malts.

Nor could he have envisaged

that his modest two-still enterprise

would have been transformed

into what is arguably the most

distinctive whisky distillery of them all.


This makes a great whisky

which I will give away later this week as a gift.


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Whisky Macallan from jackelliot! :)
enjoy in moderation