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Published by jack elliot


The world of  Turbo-Busywork



A clue to our irrational attitudes to time

might lie in one peculiarity of the present era,

which ought to be called

the era of turbo-busywork.


Vast armies of people in offices are devoting

the whole of their professional efforts

into creating meaningless work for others.


An example is the educationalist industry which,

in the collection of uninformative data

and in the production of nonsensical metrics,

suck up significant proportions of the Energy

of teachers and administrators.


Perhaps the best explanation

is that many of us have become

unconsciously addicted to mild anxiety,

especially the stimulation of trying

to adequately perform tasks

without anything like enough time

to do the tasks properly.

It is not that we are trying to enlarge our space

for relaxation.

On the contrary,

we are secretly terrified

of the prospect of relaxation

and its accompanying adrenalin

withdrawal symptoms.


The real crisis of the era

could be that we do,


have the technology

to allow for leisure

to acquire greater importance than work.


Our exponetially increasing layers

of busywork and bullshit

perhaps arises from our reaction of panic

and our desperation

to somehow keep evading

the little hell of leisure and boredom.

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