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Published by jack elliot


 free will vs determinism.

An age old fight! Bring it on!


Research says the wealthy and powerful

are far more likely to believe in free will

than the poor and powerless.

Being determines consciousness perhaps?


Regardless of that,

the process of constructing narratives

about why we made such and such a decision seems central to the ego's sense of self.

Often those stories don't stand up to much scrutiny or are poorly formed.

If we are lucky we recognise it.

If not we go on making decisions blindly,

rather unaware of who we are.

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Determinism or superdeterminism. In many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics there are lots of possibilities, but that doesn't mean that we are free to choose between them. However, that doesn't mean that we aren't free. It depends on what you consider to be free. If for you it means being able to choose freely, it would not be true either since our decisions are strongly conditioned by our environment. Good post!