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Published by jack elliot


Start the day with a smile.


Greet your friends with a smile

and ask them if they are happy.


Spread a little of happiness goes a long way


the song "If you are happy and you know it"


then it is indeed good to clap


Physical evidence of happiness is brilliant


we love to do it as children


but progressing into adulthood we tend to loose the ability to show our happiness



It is so impossible to tell us to be happy when not


Science is impossible to properly calculate and describe happiness.


Happiness is a place that I have found in the most unlikely places


Danced sung and drunk beer  with Soviet Jews wearing Scottish kilts at Auschwitz


Happiness is impossible to dictate where we should be sad and miserable.


Likewise I have been with Rich, healthy people in idyllic places and been most unhappy.


Once I was  volunteering at a disability holiday in Southport (Liverpool) England


There the happiness person was a guest that was paralysed from his neck down


There was many a healthy young volunteer that complained through the whole week


Scientists often use a co-relation between health and happiness to prove a point


Yet the evidence in my life is that  happiness is not always associated with health.


I remember the happiness of  so many that had severe illness and yet smiled.





Happiness often comes directly

from Love and Care as a child.


A stable, safe environment amongst

  nice friends in youth


Happiness is infectious

and happy children have friends


Being unhappy all the time is not a way to be popular


Children work out that being happy is a positive emotion


If only we could continue that as Adults to use happiness as a power.


Happiness in continuing stable relationships

with friends and lovers.


Money can help in life however so many rich people are miserable.


The most happiest people I have met in my life have been poor.


Some of them are poor by choice 


So many creative, artistic people are poor with money but rich with spirit and happiness.


Many a priest, Rabbi and Imans

are filled with happiness

and pass it on as medicine.


Neighbours have won the Lottery

they could possess more things

but they are just the same as before - 


Some Rich People worry too much and get so busy

with their life to smile and enjoy and be happy.




Grabbing each moment to be happy

is always out there.


It is brilliant to seize a moment

and be happy with your family and friends


Moments to be happy

with those you love can slide away


Too many people spend more time

to complain and be dis-satisfied


when you can just take a second

and use that time to be happy


Pointless to miss the moment

when there is a possiblity


to share a moment and be happy jointly


Not much planning to be happy in a future moment when the moment could be seized as good as when.


Got to practice at being Happy.


We had to learn how to read


We had to learn to speak


We had to learn to swim and ride the bicycle.


However once we had learned we still practice


We learned being happy as a child


But just as reading, speaking, walking and swimming etc we have to practice it often so as not to be rusty.


Many people say to me that they used to speak French but the lack of practice  means that they are now unable


Likewise with happiness - If we stop practising being happy we then loose the ability to be happy.


So I am always practising being happy perhaps it well then arrive


Auch Aye Each day is a pleasure


Being alive is great surviving


Happiness in gratitude


Most of  my life is alone.


walking in countryside


gentle quiet moments


pondering quietly


it is having many a melancholy moment to then treasure the happy moments in life


Then there it is with people that Happiness blossoms


Sadness is best alone


Melancholy in a walk alone


But smiles and happiness


shared with friends and family


co-operation in happiness

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