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Star Trek Jean Luc Piccard The Retirement Years...

Join the classic character on his vineyard

developing his own wine growing the grapes,

developing the terroir of his vineyard,

relaxing in the sunshine

and reminiscing

on once being a bit of Borg during his dotage...

Anyway that's what I hope it will be...

Its Star Trek but Star Trek plus a bit of cookery

a bit of art appreciation

maybe plus a bit of extreme violence

when the Borg come a knocking again...



Picard was never intended to be a Kirk-type figure.

Gene Roddenberry in particular

wanted to get away from the beat-em-up, wisecracking style of TOS.

Picard was meant to be cerebral

and diplomatic

in a slightly patrician manner.



In fact one of the things

which marks out Start Trek

is that aside from Kirk (in both iterations)

the main protagonist

has deliberately not been a punch-em-out hero type.



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Good comment, Jack, like it!<br /> To me Jean-Luc Picard is one of very rare fictional characters, that have become a moral authority.<br /> I also deal with Star-Trek in my blog, currently most recent with 25th anniversary of Voyager.