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Q) Who was first?  Was it Adam or Eve?

A) Adam


Q) What is called the hat that the Pope wears

A) Pope's hat may refer to: Papal tiara, a jewelled three-tiered crown used at papal coronations from 1305 through 1963. Mitre, a ceremonial headdress consisting of a tall, white, peaked cap. Zucchetto, a small skullcap.



Q) What were the three wise men

A) Astrologists



Q) Where was Jesus born?

A) Palestine


Bethlehem is the city of which King

King David


what was the name of the town that Jesus lived in








Q) Which dinosaur on Noah's Ark found the shoreline whilst there were on the  sea.


A) Peredayktyl 



  1. What is the common name given to the first four books of the New Testament?
  2. Who wrote most of the books in the New Testament?
  3. Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles?
  4. Which book comes last in the New Testament?
  5. What does the word gospel mean?
  6. Who was the king of Judea at the time of Jesus’ birth?
  7. Which gospel records the fewest of the miracles performed by Jesus?
  8. In what water was Jesus baptized?
  9. What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage in Cana?
  10. Who was the tax collector that climbed up a tree so he could see Jesus?
  11. Which two Old Testament characters appeared with Jesus at the transfiguration?
  12. How did Jesus reveal the one who would betray him?
  13. Where was Jesus crucified?
  14. For how many days did Jesus appear to his disciples after his resurrection?
  15. Who went with Paul on his first missionary journey?
  16. Paul and Silas were imprisoned during the second missionary journey, but in what city did this happen?
  17. During Paul’s third missionary journey, roughly for how long did he minister in the school of Tyrannus at Ephesus?
  18. On what island was Paul shipwrecked as he made his way to Rome?
  19. How many churches of Asia Minor were there?
  20. On what island was John when he was given the vision of Revelation?
  21. In the New Jerusalem described in Revelation, what are the twelve gates made from?
  22. Where was Jesus born?
  23. Why did Joseph take Mary and Baby Jesus to Egypt?
  24. Where did Jesus grow up after returning from Egypt?
  25. What was Jesus’ first miracle?
  26. As Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee in a boat, a big storm arose. Jesus rebuked the wind and waves and the storm disappeared. What was Jesus doing when the storm arose?
  27. Jesus miraculously broke just a few loaves of bread and fishes and fed 5000 men, along with women and children. How many loaves and fishes did he start with?
  28. How did Judas identify Jesus as the one to be arrested?
  29. On Good Friday, Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate for trial. Why did Pontius Pilate condemn Jesus to death?
  30. What language was most of the New Testament originally written in?
  31. What is the last book of the New Testament?
  32. In which Gospel did Jesus say and quote: “Everything is possible for one who believes.”?
  33. What is John the baptizer’s father’s name?
  34. Who wrote Acts of Apostles?
  35. What is the first book of the New Testament?
  36. What was the name of first Christian who was stoned to death?
  37. For how many days and night was Jesus fasted?
  38. Which wood has been used by Noah to build the ark?
  1. The Gospels
  2. Paul
  3. Luke
  4. Revelation
  5. Good news
  6. Herod the Great
  7. Matthew
  8. River Jordan
  9. Turning water into wine
  10. Zacchaeus
  11. Elijah and Moses
  12. Dipped a piece of bread and passed it to him
  13. Golgotha
  14. 40
  15. Barnabas
  16. Philippi
  17. 2 years
  18. Malta
  19. Seven
  20. Patmos
  21. Pearl
  22. Bethlehem
  23. To escape from King Herod, who wanted to kill Jesus
  24. Nazareth
  25. Turning water into wine
  26. Sleeping
  27. 5 loaves and 2 fishes
  28. He kissed Jesus.
  29. The chief priests had persuaded the crowd to demand his execution.
  30. Greek
  31. Revelation
  32. Mark
  33. Zacharias
  34. Luke
  35. Mathew
  36. Stephen
  37. 40
  38. Gopher


  1. What was the first thing that God created? 
  2. Which day did God create plants? 
  3. What was the boat Noah built called? 
    An ark
  4. How many of each type of animal did Noah have on the ark? 
  5. What is the symbol of God’s promise to Noah? 
    The rainbow
  6. Who received the 10 commandments from God? 
  7. What are we told to do in the fifth commandment? 
    Honor your father and mother
  8. What was the name of Moses’ brother? 
  9. What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord’s Prayer? 
  10. People look on the outward appearance, but what does God look on? 
    The heart
  11. His father gave him a coat of many colors. 
  12. Who was thrown into a lions’ den by King Darius? This person prayed to God three times a day. 
  13. This young boy defeated a giant. 
  14. This prophet was swallowed by a fish. 
  15. What animal was often used for transportation in the Bible? 
    Camel or donkey
  16. Who was the Son of God? 
  17. What was the name of Jesus’ mother? 
  18. What did Jesus’ father do for a job? 
  19. Jesus told a parable about a prodigal _____. 
  20. What is the shortest verse in the Bible? 
    Jesus wept
  21. How many disciples or apostles did Jesus have? 
  22. Which of the apostles betrayed Jesus? 
  23. What is another name for the Sermon on the Mount? 
    The beatitudes
  24. What did Jesus feed to 5,000 people? 
    Five loaves of bread and two small fish
  25. What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm? 
    The Sea of Galilee
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