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Sweden is unsure as to  how many porpoises there are in the Baltic Sea  so with the help of porpoise detectors that collect data from cetaecean sonar they will try to find out.

Although they are the only cetaeceans regularly found in Swedish waters, no one knows how many porpoises there actually are.


There could be anywhere from 10 porpoises to 3,000


So they will try in Sweden  by monitoring the porpoises' communications system with 300 "porpoise detectors" that collect data on cetaecean sonar.



The porpoise is one of the smallest cetaecean species. It is related to whales and dolphins and is 120 to 225 centimetres long.


The species is protected in Swedish waters in the North Sea and its survival is vulnerable, while in the Baltic Sea, it is classified as an acutely threatened species.

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