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Among students of culture, Finnish reticence and taciturnity are legendary and it isn't a cruel stereotype imposed by others, the Finns recognise it in themselves and it is a source of self-deprecating humour (thus the cartoons).

They also recognise it in others - the "Very British Problems" series (particularly the British horror of unwanted social interaction) would be very familiar to them.


Old jokes from a former Finnish colleague:


An introverted Finn looks at his shoes when he is talking to you, an extroverted Finn looks at your shoes.


Two Finns meet in a bar.


The first Finn buys two beers and they drink in silence.


The second Finn buys 2 beers and they continue to drink in silence.


The first Finn buys another 2 beers and while they are waiting, the second Finn says "How is your wife?".


When the beers arrive, the first Finn says "Did we come out for a drink or to discuss my personal life?"



There is a  Finnish cartoon about

a socially awkward stickman

that  has become extremely popular in China –


Which has even created  a new word in Mandarin.

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