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Published by jack elliot

 There are more than thirty wildfires in Sweden
Some of them are quite out of control.
There are four large wildfires than need some help from weather in the form of rain to put them properly out.


The local firemen and volunteers have been working hard over the last week.
Now they are stating  to get some help from some neighbouring countries which include  Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Portugal.



 The extent and  magnitude of these Swedish  fires proves bigger than anything that have been  seen in Sweden for over a century however this is not just a national emergency but this is a growing  world crisis in many other countries.


Soon there will be  a general election in Sweden,  so not only are forests burning, but the country is ablaze with political blame games and disinformation.




 The wildfires are massive , unusual for   Sweden.

Sweden is now 5-10 degrees warmer  than normal

and with now a great desire for  more  rain. 



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