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If the radiation from mobile-cell phones can cause genetic damage, it's by a mechanism completely unknown to physicists and biologists.

cell phone radiation isn’t like nuclear radiation; it doesn’t damage DNA directly, like gamma rays from an atomic bomb or something.

Ah, but it does appear to be able to damage DNA indirectly by generating free radicals.

Out of 100 studies that looked at that, 93 confirmed these oxidative effects of the kind of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation that comes out of cell phones.

Okay, but does that oxidative stress translate out into DNA damage? Most studies found it did, finding signs of genotoxicity—damage to our genes, our DNA, our chromosomes.

The energy levels of mobile phone emissions are not sufficient to knock electrons from their orbitals which would need to happen to cause damage to a cell's DNA.



The reason that many people are convinced by this type of manipulation by large companies, is not just because of the 'paid for' science. If this was the only factor, it would be blindingly obvious that if a person says their product is safe, they are the last person to trust, as they are obviously not going to say it is harmful, or they will loose money.

The other, more persuasive and pervasive reason, is because average people are either addicted to, or enjoy these dangerous things.


Smoking for example is addictive, that is quite clear. So for many decades, smokers wanted to believe the industry, that nothing was harmful about smoking.


The same was true for fossil fuels. Prior to a viable alternative, ie. solar power etc., people did not want to give up their fossil fuels, because they were warmer, and they loved the conveniences of electric light, and other electric gadgets.


So people wanted to believe that coal was fine, clean even, and not destructive to the environment, or a health risk to humans.

The most modern version of this wilful ignorance, is with our cars and phones. Of course people love the convenience of both, and have no desire at all to give them up.


So the ease with which people accept fake science, is exasperating to those scientists who give us the truth, but quite understandable when it comes to human nature.


However, the addiction to cars and mobile phones, will certainly be something that people speak of in the future, in much the same way, that we now speak about smokers.

 the high frequency AND at the same time pulsed radiation which mobiles use is something completely new to humans.


We have always been exposed to Cosmic radiation of many frequencies , humans evoled with it. But never pulsed like this.


Who knows, it might be benign, on the other hand it could be the 21st century asbestos.

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