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The original Jack Daniel's whiskey recipe



Mark Evans claims to have found the original recipe for Jack Daniel's whiskey in a book of herbal remedies.

The  Jack Daniels lost recipe was in a herbal book of 1853  written by his  Welsh great-great grandmother.

The Welsh original  recipe was taken to Lynchburg, Tennessee, in the US, by her brother-in-law – John "Jack the lad" Daniels – where Jack Daniel's whiskey is distilled.

Jack Daniel's is one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world and its founder was from Wales  the original recipe also matches ingredients found on the bottle.

The early history of the Jack Daniel's company is difficult to piece together as its early records were destroyed in a courthouse fire.

However, the company claims it was founded in 1866 by Jasper "Jack" Newton Daniel, whose grandfather Joseph "Job" Daniel emigrated from Wales.

Others have claimed it was not founded until 1875.

The story cites as proof that one of Mr. Evans’ relatives left Wales for America around 1853 and traveled to Lynchburg, Tenn., where the Jack Daniel Distillery was opened later, and that relative was known as “John ‘Jack the Lad’ Daniels.” 

“The people and dates just don’t match up,” said Arnett.  “Jack Daniel‘s family was living in America for two generations prior to the 1853 date Mr. Evans suggests his relative came to the United States. 


His John ‘Jack the Lad’ Daniels is not our Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel.

Jack Daniel learned to make whiskey from a local Lutheran minister here in Lynchburg and not an herbal remedies book

Jack Daniel‘s has always benefited from the fact that people liked to talk about it,

  Its remarkable, small-town founder and the fact it’s made in a dry county intrigue people and get them talking. 

And so, through the years, it’s drawn all kinds of legend and lore to it. 

Mr. Evans’ story falls into the category of lore

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