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 Music can have many positive affects on a person’s health

 A person’s blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rates are a few of the things that people benefit from listening to calming music (Brain Development).

Another way it can improve your health is by relieving stress.


Premature babies can also benefit from music (Brain Development).


When doctors compared premature babies who listened to music to those that didn’t, they found out that the ones that did tended to gain weight faster and have lower stress levels (Brain Development).


Not only is music stress relieving, but it can also effect our emotions by making a good mood better (Music and the Mind).


It can have a positive effect on children by helping them develop better spatial-temporal reasoning (Brain Development).


As a result, children have potential to improve in maths and science activities (Brain Development).


Music can also help students improve grades by filtering out distractions while studying and helping them to stay focused while studying .



Overall, music can have many positive affects on different aspect of people’s lives.       




  The positive effects of music in my life somewhat reflect the positive effects. 

contrast to the positive effects music can have on people, it can also have negative effects them.


Just as music has positive effects on the body and mind, it can also have negative effects in those same areas.


Depending on the type of music, it can sometimes influence in negative ways.


 music can help students academically it can also have the opposite effect.


 music can have negative effects on people as well as positive effects.       


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