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In the present age, homeschooling is paid more attention by society and parents, more and more parents don't send their children to traditional public schools to study, so homeschooling is increasingly prevalent in our lives. Homeschooling is a method of education that children can study knowledge or course at home or community based society from parents but sometimes by tutors. However, whether parents should send children to traditional school to study has become a highly debatable issue. Some people think that the children should go to traditional school to study while many others disagree. 

homeschooling has more benefits for students for three reasons: custom-designed curriculum, environment and time.

One of the most basic advantages of homeschooling is students or parents can custom-designed curriculum by themselves. To start with, homeschooling students can mastery over work at their own level. It is better than at the level of the graded curriculum outline. Specifically, sometimes most students are not at the same level for each course, they may be reading at a higher lever than writing, they may be not good at math but very interested in chemistry. In the traditional public schooling, the best teacher also cannot care about every student's level. But homeschooling provides students the real progress and set up the students' real level in each course to make sure them understand what they studied was. Secondly, homeschooling students can move on to another topic anytime. Specifically, homeschooling students can control their own pace of study, when they finished the page or the question, they can move on to the next page or question, they don't need to wait other students, and when they find some interesting things they can pay more time on it and when they find some burning things they can move on to the next topic. But in traditional public school, the students only can follow the step of the teacher. For instance, when the students are not finish the page or the questions in the traditional class, but due to the process of class, the teacher cannot wait for each student to move on the next topic. Lastly, each student has their own learning style to get knowledge. In fact, the parents of homeschooling students are more understand their children than the public school teachers. Parents know what will get the point across, and what won't. The students of homeschooling can use their own learning style to study. It is better for the students their own ability, but public school students must follow teacher's teaching style, it is bad for the students their own learning ability. The learning ability of students is according to their natural learning style not only following the teacher. Obviously, custom-designed curriculum by the family is better than by traditional school.

The second advantage is from the environment. First, in the traditional class, students can only touch the illusory, artificial and untruthful environment, but in homeschooling students can touch a real environment. For example, in traditional class, the students can get knowledge and information from the books or the teachers not a real environment, but the homeschooling students can get knowledge and information is from a real environment by them. In others words, they can through touch the real environment to understand what love and trust is and how to solve the issues in their lives, but traditional school is not enough vivid. Second, homeschooling students is study in a not test pressure environment, so they are more relaxed than traditional school students. It is better than traditional school because they can touch the real environment. In homeschooling, the students are relaxed and they can balance academic study with real schedules, because they don't need to face test pressure. For instants, the students of homeschooling usually can care for the sick parents, doing the grocery shopping and cooking some food for other people after they finish the work. But in traditional class, the students cannot do these after they finish the homework, because they are study in have a test pressure environment, they need study every day and every time. Last, homeschooling students study in an environment with the different level people, it is better for the students to improve themselves. Specially, in traditional class, all of the classmates are on the same level, the students cannot improve from other individuals except teacher, but homeschooling students can improve each part from everywhere, they can learn something about lives from their parents, neighbors or brothers and sisters, because they are in the different level. Clearly, touching real society is good for students' growth.

The last advantage is time. The students of homeschooling can control their own time. For example, they can set their learning course around vacations or illnesses and other unexpected event, contrary to traditional public school students need to go to school every day except holidays, if they with illnesses or some unexpected event happened can not go to school, the parents may be getting into trouble. It is not good for study when the students with illnesses. Homeschooling provides convenience for students when they are not have time to study or sometimes don't want to study. To control students their own time it can make students feel free and flexible. Moreover, homeschooling students don't need to spend time traveling to school, but the traditional public school students should take much time and spend much power on the travel from home to school, they waste more time than homeschooling students. Evidently, controlling students their own time is only have benefit for students.

 homeschooling is more and more popular in the world than before, parents thinks that homeschooling is better for the development of their children's ability in the future. Homeschooling is having many benefits. Students and parents can design their own curriculum; it is good for students' interest. They also can get more information and knowledge from their study environment than traditional school students. And they can master and distribute their own time to study; homeschooling students are more free and flexible than traditional school students. The benefits of homeschooling are clear. , the students of homeschooling can have higher ability in the future.

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