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The Oak




There are many different kinds of Oak.


The Common Oak is a native tree in Britain.


The Common Oak is a large and robust tree, but one which varies enormously in size and form.


It would be true to say that no two Common Oaks are exactly alike in form.


The height may be anything from sixty to one hundred and thirty feet, but older trees are as a rule, more remarkable for their girth than for their height.





In Winter the Common Oak can be easily identified by the pointed, many-scaled buds clustered at the tips of the twigs and by the tortuous nature of the branches, which seem always to be changing direction. 


Crooked growth is characteristic of the Common Oak, and it is this which causes the wide-spreading crowns which you see on trees grown in the open.


The bark is grey and very thick and rough.


The leaves open in late April or early May, change to dull brown in  late October and are slow to fall.


The flowers appear after the leaves, but being small and green they are not very conspicuous.


The fruit is the familiar acorn. 

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