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constantly striving for personal gains can damage connections with others.

In other words, 

Wanting to be happy can actually make you less happy.


a meaningful life and a happy life overlap in certain ways, but are ultimately very different.


pursuing a life of happiness is associated with a “taker;” pursuing meaning is more of a  giver



While a happy life is focused on seeking current pleasure and enjoyment, a meaningful life is defined as investing in something bigger.

That means connecting and contributing to something beyond the self, which could be your family, work, nature, religion, etc.

the greatest impact, we should choose activities that are socially visible to other people.
That’s because being a giver, rather than a taker, is contagious.
Science shows that giving behavior sparks similar behavior among others around us.
 So volunteering in a way that’s visible to others will not only have a direct impact on your own happiness and meaning, but a wider social impact.
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Your posts have me thinking of my own life, I've noticed I've been frustrated, angry and depressed. I need to check myself. I noticed this and appears it started around the time I joined social media. lol I've read a lot of things I didn't know was going on.