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why is it that  people who eat together are happier.




But it is clear that this is a regular social ritual, a moment of union and communion in our often chaotic lives.


It can be a place of conversation, storytelling and closeness.


At a psychological level, having friends just makes you happier, 

The kinds of things that you do around the table with other people are very good at triggering the endorphin system, which is part of the brain’s pain-management system.


Endorphins are opioids, they are chemically related to morphine – they are produced by the brain and give you an opiate high.


That’s what you get when you do all this social stuff, including patting, cuddling and stroking.


It is central to the way primates in general bond in their social groups and relationships.”

Our face-to-face relationships are, quite literally, a matter of life or death.


One of the biggest predictors of physical and mental health problems is loneliness,



Human beings are biologically engineered for human interaction – and particularly face-to-face interaction.



The ability to stimulate positive emotions, which is linked to happiness, begins in interactions with others who are having positive emotions about you. So, when we see our friends and they say, ‘Good to see you’ – it’s important.




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