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Published by jack elliot

Dirty Air



In wild, empty parts of the world, the air is very clean.


But in places where there are millions of people, the air is often dirty.


That is because people burn fuels that pollute the air.


Polluted air is bad for us and can harm our lungs.






Smoke from a bonfire comes from burning wood.


Burning fuel pollutes the air with dirt and harmful gases.







Air pollution can make breathing difficult.



In some people it may cause asthma.


Asthma is a kind of allergy.


It makes people cough, wheeze and feel short of breath.






Antarctica is so cold that no one lives there.


That is why the air here is very clean.

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I have asthma bad. A girl on Gab told me to go to a health store and buy a vial of Oregano Oil. I couldn't believe how good it worked. I could barely breath that day. I bought it took a few drops and 3 hrs. later my lungs were completely clear.
Thank you<br /> I will try that