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Board games are fun.


Board games are cheap.


They are easy to play.


Great to play with a group.


They can be organised quickly.


Board games help you think.


They make you smile as you interact with your friends.



The rattling of the dice which you had picked up before throwing the great number which gives you pleasure in this chance board game that re-iterate the elements of chance and luck which plays out  in our real life.



Playing games on the internet is popular, but simply sitting down and playing with friends and family is becoming increasingly more important.


Marvellous to take a break from  phones and computers and then take out a board game  where we can talk, play and enjoy time together on an enjoyable activity.



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Agreed! But it's not popular here, so I have to play it alone. Do you really think that I can play it alone? Ur, I think you know what I mean.
They are best played with others
lol We have them and play them on the weekend. Candy Land, Sorry, Monopoly and Scrabble. We have a lot of kids games. They like Sorry. That's everbody's favorite. I have Risk but nobody wants to learn that. It is a nice time when we play. Tentsions gone.
Scrabble and Monopoly are favourites throughout Europe