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Published by jack elliot


Good news


The news is that the weather is lovely today.


Some rain, some cloud and then a little bit of Sunshine a gentle breeze and surprsingly warm for this time of the year.


The news is that  bought some sweets from the post office today and gave some to the ladies in the chemists before taking the ferry. I gave some more sweets to those on the peninsula and so that there was one last one which I would eat after I dis-embarked. However on the shore of the other side I saw  a friendly face from there that works in the big offices of the Scottish Ferry company I asked if he wanted my last sweet and he kindly accepted the lovely sweet. So I had lots of pleasure in giving the sweets away. Also I felt that although they are nice it would be nicer to be healthy than fatter selfish unkind unfriendly person.


Good news is that the ferry worked well.  The train to Glasgow was comfortable. The bus service in Greenock was fun. Trains, boats and buses were all a marvellous adventure for the day.  All is well.

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Dear Jack, woke up to snow this morning, but six hours later, it is gone. That is the life of a snowfall in spring. It was beautiful while it was here, but the green grass and flowers are lovely now, too. Glad you had someone to share your last sweet with. Best regards, JoLynne
you are welcome<br /> <br /> sunshine in WInter<br /> <br /> Snow in the Spring<br /> <br /> wonderful weather<br /> <br /> .