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Published by jack elliot


Once there was  a super dinosaur.


His name was Ruler because he was  one of the nicest dionsaurs in all of the world.


He liked sucking on honey lollipops.


He liked stratching his head because he thought it helped him think better.


He was not the cleverest but one of his friends was called Clever.

He was not the nicest but he was very clever.


That is how he was called Clever.

But there was a dinosaur called Silly because he was silly, actually very silly.


And he liked riding on an elephant that was plastic and never moved.


He was also interested in jokes.


He really could not understand the jokes.


He pretended to read.


His friend was called Blimballbawber whom liked to go to the bath and  there he made a lot of noise in the bath with noises that were like blubbabbay.


He was also interested in the sea animals and he had great pleasure from the bubbles.


He enjoyed  very much to pop the bubbles.


The noises that the bubbles made were like the  bob, blob, glob and gilob.


They were  the super dinosaurs.


Ruler, Clever, Silly and Blimballbawber






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