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Published by jack elliot

Taxes are,  the price we pay for civilisation.

Voters tax themselves, among other things, for schools, roads, a health service, for welfare provision, to pay their soldiers and build a diplomatic corps.

When a group at the top of society secedes and forms a globally mobile republic, able to choose which jurisdiction they wish to operate under, the public is right to ask why we allow this to happen.


Why should taxes just be for the little people?

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Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est.
Remember the trickle-down theory? If we give the rich more money, it'll trickle down to, er, places where there are no taxes. No, I mean, it'll trickle down to the poor. That's it. The poor will have more money when the rich have enough money that they can share. The rich just need a little bit more, right?
an interesting theory