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Published by jack elliot


The Story teller.






It is interesting how this is treated throughout the world.


In Scotland this is encouraged from a very young age.


Respect and dignity to the process of fun and entertain.


Often there are queues outside for a hour before it.


In many places there only a few  limited places for the storytelling.


In other places  they  have to  limit the weeks that they can have the stories


This is so that many others can enjoy the pleasure of the stories.




It is so important that  the youth begin to appreciate this art even from an early age.


In Scotland it is given  such a respect  so much so that  the  children clearly  recognise this.




On the continent it is apparent that  this lovely art of the story-telling is being degraded


It is placed on a lower tier below that of an ephmeral flicker on a TV or a moving  screen.


It is only allocated about  fifth of the time that they have it allocated in Scotland.


In Scotland the priority of the story telling is sovereign


Yet on the continent, this period of story-telling  is too often invaded by the adults that would selfishly  engage in competing  conversations.


This would be a  terribly  distraction  whilst  the story was still being told


Children would observe this and they would  see this as clearly dis-respectful.


"Why do they not listen to the story?" they would wonder


 When  a musician then came and plunked himself down midway a lovely story


The musician they would  start to loudly tune their own instrument ignoring the rumbish caused during a children's short time for story-telling


Then this would be a sign of how   story-telling is being  treated on the continent.


For this is now a new, modern world of electric gadgets


     But  there  should always be a  place for the voice of children's  story-teller  be allowed  to speak without impairment and continue the art to flourish.





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