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 Duolingo is a service that is gamified; that is, it uses elements that you normally find in games, with the goal of making the usage of an app (and the associated behavior which in the case of Duolingo is language learning) more fun and motivating. What this study was doing, was to investigate what different kinds of experiences or feelings that are related to these game aspects of gamified apps. Two examples of these feelings that were part of this study was the feeling of being challenged by the app and social experiences. So, the first goal with this study was to track down these different feelings and to see how these are related to how motivated the users are to use the gamified app. This also means that this research is not just about Duolingo, instead we are interested in any app that is gamified.

A research on gamified apps.

To use the kinds of measure  common practice within many areas of research, 

 This was not a study about  satisfaction with Duolingo or how effective Duolingo is as a language learning tool.


interested in these different game-feelings and how and if they are motivating. 


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