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Published by jack elliot



What are they and why are they now so important.?


Are algorithms always correct but can they cheat and deceive?

Criminals can use algorithms

Some are use wrong unintentionally


 Algorithm is a computer code, that works out what will happen based on what was before.


An effective  algorithm is one with a lot of  historical data.


Yet they had a lot of data for the banks in 2008 and still the Algorithms caused the financial crisis then.


Now they use algorithms to target people to influence, cheat or deceive.


That is why people must be wareful of using the facebook, google and similar organisations


  Algorithms should be acting fairly, legally, and consistently  however When they find that facebook and Google are cheating then they should  have such a fine that means that they are no longer profitable.


Facebook and Google do not care about the fines that  they are now getting  because they are still cheating the law takes time and they should take into this the next time they will be caught,


Computers should  work for us, and not for those like Google and facebook that cheat.



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