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Published by jack elliot

The Hermit Poem

The old hermit lost his tongue
After building his cabin in the woods of
“Walking Green Mountain”… He used to smile,
Though, as he swept the porch and steps
And then continued on down the trail…
I followed him for a while
Until he stopped and stood before his sign:
“Reality One Mile Ahead”
While leaning on his tired broom…
He looked up at me as if expecting
A question or even a comment,
But receiving neither, he handed me
His broom and walked away… This is now
My second winter on “Walking Green Mountain”:
I’ve learned to pause most of my thinking
And my ink is finally running low:
So mostly I just listen now and wait
For the certain and steady approach of Reality…




A poem which I heard on the radio and thought it was quite nice to read as well

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