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Alligators, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles, snakes and lizards are all members

of the reptile family.


Reptiles  live mainly on land, but some of them spend a lot of time in water


They all have scaly, watertight skins.


They are cold-blooded which  means that the temperature of their bodies

is always the same as that of their surroundings.




Reptiles are carnivarous . This means that they eat other animals.

Some of them can swallow their prey whole.


This is a secret

Reptiles lay eggs


After she has mated, the female crocodile digs a hole at night and lays about forty eggs.


Both parents guard them carefully

In about 90 days the young crocodile hatches.

Crocodiles carry their babies around in their jaws to keep them safe.

The babies can feed themselves straightaway,  but their parents still keep watch over them until they are really strong.





Dealing with enemies


Some snakes kill their prey with a poisonous bite

Others, such as the boa constrictor, squeeze their prey to death




Tortoises and turtles draw back into the safety of their hard shells if they are frightened or in any kind of danger.



 Some lizards have tails that break off when they want to escape from an enemy.


A new tail grows in its place




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