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What to do with over-ripe bananas?


I usually make a cake using left over porridge with over-ripe bananas.


I never make smoothies with them because I do not have the equipment.


After from making cakes or into a nice drink there would be some other ways.


There would be a possibility to freeze them if I had a freezer.


Before freezing them peel them ...


Bananas are actuallly quite good in savoury meals


You could make a banana chutney


you could use a basic chutney recipe 


but use bananas instead of apples or the other fruits


the other thing with bananas is to thicken  a curry sauce


In Japan curry sauces are usually made with a fruit


in order to sweeten the sauce but also to thicken it up


they would sweat out some onions, garlic, ginger chillies and bananas.


All together, wth some spices, tomatos and it is a lovely curry.






Another option would be a banana ice-cream







Or perhaps a banana fritter

Banana fritters are a favourite  dessert in Scottish Chinese restaurants  






Jaye 16  lets the bananas get overripe then slices and freezes them to make ice cream.





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i let my bananas get overripe then slice and freeze them to make ice cream.
What a wonderful idea