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Published by jack elliot

 Is it a question of  control?


Does it exist?

Where then does it exist?



 A cashless society lacks banknotes  and  coins, instead has digital information as a representation of money.  


There are an increasing number of cashless payments in some countries, nearly half of financial transactions in USA are cashless 


A banknotes society is often associated with criminal activity, counterfeiting, or tax evasion. 


However the cashless society is associated with a totalitarian survellience of control.


One in seven in Britain no longer carry cash, as they become reliant on card and smartphone payments, most do not have a wallet or a purse and fear that notes and coins will become obselete.


It now seems that  there is a dual society  where cashless exists  alongside traditional cash in many countries. Where some are attempting to push cash away in favour of electonic transactions.





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