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Published by jack elliot

The Riot Act 70


To trade fair  with mother nature

This poem may put you thro torture

If we are going to cull old animals to eat

We should also cull ourselves from the street

The bible said three score and ten

Should be the end for both women and men

So if we put  everyone to sleep over seventy years

How many people would think that's good ideas

If the whole world was to vote on it to be

You can’t get fairer than that for  you and me

For after 70 years old we all fall apart

So trade fare with a good brave heart

You would go with intact pride and dignity

I know it is not going to please everybody

So spare a thought for the animals we cull

Life would be bright young and never dull

So I hope the whole world votes on it

I’ll bet lots of people would be fit

For I reckon Mother Nature knows best

A vote would put its world to a lash

For I’ll bet it is on end to all wars

And everyone will stop wanting super cars

It’s for the children who will be running this planet

Or do you not care and say I don’t care for it

I know we could all be dead in the blink of an eye

It is for our children’s survival so do not cry

It would be the end of money’s strangle hold

And round Mother Nature would be a band of gold

John McVey






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Riot Act 70
Your a hard man John Mc Vey - I recall you gave Rabbie Burns a hard time, and now you have starty on me at over seventy !

yes .. i quie agree