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Published by jack elliot


 it is a lovely story




The beginning of our story is started in a castle the king was called Krak







One day there was a big bang 

the bang was from the hill

the hill called Wawel

Wawel was  also a castle





The bang was a big mighty bang

from you quess who -

- It was a big dragon

it was a mighty meat eater

He loved eating meat




And King Krak called his armies

The soldiers were with their battle-axes, lances and swords,







But when the fire from Krakau came

all  King Krak's armies ran away


But then KIng  Krak said please friends 

do you know how to make the monster  die




Then  a little boy came and said

I could really do anything 

and then he said to King  Krak

"I am the one that can make the monster die."








And the little boy made a pretend sheep or cow

And then he  put  them into the Krakau cave.

And then In the pretend sheep or cow was an exploder

A mouth exploder






Now the dragon saw the sheep

And he just dragged the sheep

And gobbled down the sheep





But he puffed and puffed.






To be continued ...........

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