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Published by jack elliot


A lovely day




Here was me waiting for the local bus and there comes a Nuclear Submarine passing by with an escort.


Not everyday but often enough.


By the time it passed that post the bus had arrived and took me to the ferry pier.


The start to a lovely day



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My wife's joke:

People on the radio are discussing "What will you see different, the day after Brexit?" They also ask that about independence. Judith's answer?

"Three trident submarines passing the window."

Our house is in Bute in an elevated position overlooking the clyde, Our grandson (11) is learning to operate a drone. I daily add to the bonfire. We now have a barbeque said to be big enough to cook food for fifty..

The UK government now has a pretext to cancel Trident replacement and so release money for tax reduction while allowiing no credit to SNP/Scotland 'blackmail'.