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"There was an orphan boy named Little Wu, who was later adopted by a kindhearted old couple. Little Wu grew up to be an honest and benevolent man, and the old couple allowed him to marry their young daughter. One day his father-in-law was suddenly ill, and wanted to eat fish. However, persistent, strong wind had stopped all fishing boats. Despite this, Little Wu risked his life and went fishing. When Little Wu finally came back home with a big, fresh mackerel, the father-in-law had passed away. In sadness, Little Wu and his wife cooked the fish and sacrificed it at the father's shrine. Later, the young couple paid respects at their father's tomb with fresh mackerel every spring."

This story was told from generation to generation, helping to boost the virtue of filial piety among local citizens.

Every spring, locals go to the market and purchase fresh mackerel for the senior members of the family.

Gifting mackerel to Chinese parents and parents-in law during springtime has developed into a common expression of filial piety. The local seafood market is usually abuzz with crowds of consumers in April and May.

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piękna historia zacny jackelliot :)